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Must-Try Japanese Food And Drinks

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This is a small country in North-East Asia. However, every region has a special meal which has become popular in other parts of the globe. As such, one does not need to fly to Tokyo to try the fresh and flavorful meals. Nowadays, there are various restaurants that offer raw, boiled, or grilled Japanese dishes. Check out the resources below one of the must-try Japanese food and drinks:

Matcha Tea

The world is going crazy with the Matcha teas nowadays. Matcha tea can be traced back to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and now it is making a name in cafes and bar Chapel Street around the world. In Japan, matcha is used not only in tea but in cakes, cookies, puddings, and biscuits. Indeed, this is a must-try drink that embodies the history of Japan. Okonomiyaki 

One of the mouth-watering Japanese dishes is the Okonomiyaki. It features cabbage, batter, meat, or some seafood. Diners in function venues can put cheese or wasabi on top of it, depending on their liking. This one is popular in Osaka and Hiroshima but it is also served in various Japanese restaurants. In Kyoto, people put fried Soba noodles on their Okonomiyaki and it tastes great!


Ramen is a common noodle dish loved by both kids and adults. It was originally from China but the Japanese have made their own awesome rendition. It is a noodle soup made of wheat and the broth is made of chicken, pork, or fish. Also, ramen contains hard-boiled egg, seaweed, corn, sprout, and onion. Shoyu Ramen is commonly served in restaurants which is a broth with soy sauce. In Japan, it is fine to eat ramen with a slurping sound because it signifies that it is delicious and the diner is happy with his meal. Finally, ramen is eating with chopsticks, thus, it is best to practice doing it before hitting a ramen shop.


Sake or ‘Nihonshu’ is a popular Japanese drink which is made of fermented rice. To make a good quality sake, one needs to have rice, koji mold, yeast, and water. People love sake since the alcohol content is 15%, which is higher than wine and beer. One can enjoy his sake hot or cold. In whatever form he chooses, surely, sake is delicious and great for meals! Thus, Japan has various food and drinks to offer to people around the world. The choices can be overwhelming, however, every bite is truly satisfying.