Family Room Makeover: Wall Color

One of the very first things we did to the family room when we moved in was to paint the walls. I wasn’t a big fan of the VERY pale yellow that was in there before.  It was light and airy, for sure, but – in my opinion – a bit, well, BORING.  And it was too close to the color of the walls in the adjoining entry hall and living room. 

First, I sought to settle on a color scheme for the room.  Ultimately, I was inspired by these pillows that I found, fell in love with, and purchased through Etsy.

We tried to go with something that complemented the tan/camel color in the pillows when selecting a new sofa and chair from Crate and Barrel.  And I knew I wanted to go with another color from the pillows for the wall color. I ruled out red because our kitchen is/was already red.  I also ruled out the gray because we’d already decided on gray for a couple of other rooms (powder room, my son’s bedroom).  And I ruled out the dark brown because I thought it would be really dark and, well, BROWN.   So, through the process of elimination, I decided to go with sage green for the walls. 

At first, in an attempt not to be too matchy-matchy, I sought to find a sage green that was slightly lighter and tad subtler than the one in the pillow.  I really fell in love with this picture in the Pottery Barn catalog and decided to give Benjamin Moore’s Nantucket Breeze a try. So, we trekked off to Benjamin Moore and bought us a whole lot of Nantucket Breeze and I started painting up a storm in our rather large family room.  After I had done one of the walls, I started to feel a little disappointed. It was MUCH lighter than I thought it would be and WAY YELLOWER than I expected.  But I hoped (prayed!) that once the furniture arrived and we got everything in the room, it would be better – so on I painted.  Well, the sofa and chair arrived and everything got in the room, and *well* it didn’t look any better.  It was really washed out.  Not what I wanted at all.   Shucks. 

We lived with it for about a month and then I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE and decided that I needed to bite the bullet and paint it something significantly darker.   After playing around on the Internet and trying out some paint samples from Behr*, we ended up going with Sagey. It’s actually very close to the sage green in the pillows.

THE RESULT:  Yay!  Much better!  Phew. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos of the room when the failed color was on the wall - but here’s a good BEFORE (when it was yellow) and AFTER (with the Behr Sagey on the wall) for your viewing pleasure.


* By the way, I can’t tell you enough how much I really enjoy painting with the Behr paint + primer. We’ve used it in several rooms and, in my experience, it goes on really smooth and easy. I also enjoying painting with Sherwin Williams paint, but have not been a particularly huge fan of Benjamin Moore paint. I want to like it. Everyone says I should like it. But, I don’t. Sorry.

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  • Britta says:

    Wish we lived in the same city. I think our families would enjoy hanging out! Anyway, this post reminded me of when you painted your wall red in your Austin apartment.

    • hilary says:

      Ah yes – the ole’ RED wall in my apartment. I’ve definitely mellowed in my wall color selections these days – although I guess we do have a RED kitchen, so maybe not. I wish we lived in the same city, too. That’d be great!

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