Look Ma, No Pants: Day Two

And now for another awkward selfie that proves that I did in fact wear a dress yesterday.

My absolutely favorite part of this one is my ridiculous head tilt.  What in the world am I doing?!?!  I also apologize for how poor the quality of the photo is (today and yesterday).  This is about as good as it gets taking a photo of myself in a mirror with an iPhone in my bedroom at 6:30 in the morning.  The end.


I bought this dress sometime last year from Ann Taylor.  I’ve generally steered away from what I would describe as potato sack dresses that don’t have any shape and just hang straight down.  Because I don’t think that they are particularly flattering on me and I think they frequently look like nighties or something. But, for some reason, this one works (or at least I think it does) and so we are friends.

I love the bright spring-y colors on the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress.  When I wear it, I can’t help but feel like it’s Spring and that I ought to be running through a field of wild flowers.  (Hint, hint, Mother Nature – although, in all fairness, it is finally starting to feel a little like Spring around here.)

It’s also always a somewhat scary proposition to wear a white dress. Because life happens.  And I’m fearful that I’m going to end up with a big gob of something down the front or sitting in something and having a dirty bum for the rest of the day.  But, so far (knocking on wood), that hasn’t happened when I’ve worn this white dress.  Yet.

Look Ma, No Pants: Day One

If this blog is good for anything, it’s for holding myself accountable.  Especially when I make a pronouncement such as I did yesterday with “I am only going to wear dresses for the next week!”

So, in an effort to prove that I mean even half of what I say, here is a shot of me yesterday morning on Day One of self-proclaimed No Pants Week.  In a dress.  Boo yah.

This is a dress that I picked up at Talbot’s last year after I fell in love with it online. I admired it for several months until it went on sale, and then I grabbed it up.  Super cute, right?  I love wearing it with my red pumps because my red pumps always make me feel a little sassy.  The dress is also a very lightweight material that works really well in warm weather (which it is not here – still).

This is also when I admit that I feel like a total lame-o when I’m taking photos of myself in the wee hours of the morning in the mirror in my bedroom.  Seriously.  There are some people who are the selfie sort of person. I am not one of those sort.

This is also when I admit that I still haven’t shortened the curtains on this side of the room (see here).  I’m pathetic, I know.  Maybe I’ll do it this weekend just to prove  to you that I can.

Look Ma, No Pants

As happened last year (see here), I’m on a bit of a dress kick right now.

I think it has something to do with the weather turning warmer (although, in all fairness, it’s really been a pretty pathetic start to Spring this year and it’s actually been pretty chilly and not exactly Spring dress-wearing weather).  Whatever it is, however, I’m obsessed.  And so I’ve purchased a bunch of new dresses over the last few weeks and, between last year’s purchases and this year’s purchases, things are getting a little out of control in the dress department.

And, here’s the thing.  I buy a bunch of dresses and then I don’t wear them.  Well, it’s not like I NEVER wear them. I just don’t wear them enough to justify the expense or them taking up so much space in my closet.  Which is really an unfortunate state of being.

So, I’ve declared this week to be NO PANTS week.  I will wear a dress EVERY SINGLE DAY this week to work.  No exceptions.  I don’t care if an arctic blast comes in and sends shards of ice and hail this way.  I don’t care if I fall and skin my knee and everyone has to look at my ugly scab.  I don’t care if I don’t feel good and I’m tired and all I want to do is reach for that easy, comfortable pair of black pants.  You WILL find me in a dress.

And, for some inspiration, here are some dresses that I’m loving but have NOT purchased in the last couple of weeks – either because they are not in my budget, because they are too similar to something I already own, because they wouldn’t work for me and my job, or because I just haven’t gotten around to buying them yet.

1.  Jacquard Sheath Dress (Ann Taylor) $169 |  2.  Pindot Lace Dress (Ann Taylor)  $159 |  3.  Colorblock Ponte Sheath Dress (Ann Taylor) $139 | 4.  Chanda Column Dress (Anthropologie)  $198 | 5. Antisana Dress (Anthropologie) $388 |  6. Cut In Colorblock Fit and Flare (White House Black Market) $150 | 7. Striped Fit and Flare (White House Black Market $150 | 8.  Striped Lace Fit and Flare (White House Black Market) $220 | 9.  Grey Lightweight Wool Gathered Sheath (Banana Republic)  $150 | 10.  Seafoam Jersey Knit Emily Wrap Dress (Shabby Apple)  $89