Navy Kick

Y’all, I’m finding myself in the middle of a navy clothing kick.  Which is weird because I’ve never really been a particularly big fan of wearing navy.

I honestly didn’t even realize I was in a navy kick until earlier yesterday when I looked down at my navy shoes while I was in Banana Republic buying the second navy suit I’ve purchased in the last two months. So, yea.  Me + navy = bf’s.  Apparently.

I bought this navy suit at White House Black Market a couple of months ago.  I liked how the suit jacket was different and ruffle-y.  It was more about the cut of the suit than the color, but I was sort of digging on the navy too so it was a good thing all around.  570110613ext3


And then I bought some navy heels from Nine West at DSW because I thought it might be nice to have some navy heels to wear with my new navy suit.  Of course.  These are the heels.  We’ve become fast friends.  I’ve worn them a bunch in the last few weeks with all sorts of things not navy.  I wore them today, in fact, with some gray pants and a pink blazer.


And then, as I said, I found myself in Banana Republic today drooling over a pinstripe navy suit with the neatest suit blazer I’ve seen in awhile and they just so happened to have my size which is always a sign and so I got it.  And I’m in love.  Although I’m disappointed that this photo from the Banana Republic website doesn’t do it any sort of justice at all.  It’s way more amazing than it looks in this photo.  Seriously.


And so there you have it.  I’m in a navy kick.  Weird, but true.

Do you wear a lot of navy?

Two Coats and An Hour

Awhile ago, we had our basement professionally painted.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t do it ourselves.  We’re capable painters.  It was just that we didn’t have the time or the motivation to do it ourselves.  Being a big room and all.

In our basement, we have a door to the main water shut-off valve for our house.  (Note that this is the water shut-off valve I couldn’t find a few years ago when there was water spewing into my laundry room – see here.)  It’s annoying and big and we wish it wasn’t there.  But it is.

When the guys painted the basement, they painted the door white with the rest of the trim rather than yellow like the wall.


And I hated it.  It just seemed to call attention to the big, ugly door in the middle of our basement wall.  I also hated that it was bright white, and the white in the rest of the room (the television stand, the rug, even the print on the wall) where off-white.  Seriously, it drove me nuts.

So, last weekend, I finally pulled out the can of yellow paint and painted the door yellow.  Two coats and an hour later,  I had a yellow door.


Much better.  Picture me smiling.

Little Boys

There were little boys here this weekend.  Three of them.  I love little boys.  I love listening to them playing and all of their ridiculousness.  Their sound effects and silly games and even sillier rules (which are always changing, even mid-game).

However, I usually relegate my son and his friends to either his bedroom, the basement, or outside because I have irrational fears of little boys damaging things.  Unfortunately, on Saturday, I was working on a little painting project in the basement so that room was off limits.  So instead I let them play in the family room.  I knew deep down in my soul that it wasn’t a smart move, but I tried to use it as an opportunity for me to work on getting over my irrational fear and prove to myself that little boys can play without damaging things.

In case you were wondering, my fear was not irrational.

Within just a few minutes, there was a gasp and a “you better go tell my mom” and then this was left behind.  That’s a curtain and its rod.  That used to be hanging up and is now laying on the floor.  (Next to yellow bug nets filled with plastic bowling pins because…?)

photo 1

I sent them outside so I could re-hang the curtain.  Which required new wall anchors and tools and stuff.

But then, within just a few minutes, there was another gasp and another mother summons.  This time, on our back deck, I found this.  That’s a screen door.  That used to be hanging and is now laying on the floor.

photo 2

So when I was done with the curtain, I rehung the screen door.

Oh, little boys.  Your games may be silly but your destructive potential is real.

{By the way, our deck looks terrible and is covered with paint splatters because we’re working on a project back there.  That involves paint, obviously.  Stay tuned…}