Retainer Adventures

My son has a retainer.  Well, I guess I should correct that phrase – he HAD a retainer.

For the last six months, we have spent every day quizzing him on whether his retainer was in his mouth.  2 out of every times it wasn’t.  And we’d spend 5-10 minutes running around the house or his school or somewhere else, looking for it.  We’d usually find it sitting in the bottom of his backpack or in his pocket or, just that one time, wrapped up in a napkin in the garbage.  This, despite the fact that we (us and the dentist) had one single and rather simple rule – if the retainer isn’t in your mouth, it’s in a retainer case.  Case. Mouth.  No other options.  But, no matter how many times we threatened or begged our incredibly intelligent and normally responsible little guy, it didn’t seem to sink in.

The end was supposedly in sight.  He was actually already supposed to be rid of the thing, but they thought he should stick it out a little longer because those teeth that are stuck up there (the reason why we are doing all of this ridiculous orthodontia on a 7 year old to begin with) still haven’t poked through.  Any day now, they said…

Until Friday.

He lost his retainer, again.  At after-school care.  The good news is that it was found.  The bad news is that it was found after someone stepped on it and snapped it in half.

I flipped a lid.  Literally.  Friday night was not a good night around here.  There was a lot of yelling.  I hate yelling. We took his Nintendo DS away for a long, long time…  maybe even forever.  We haven’t really decided.  He cried.  More about the DS than the fact that he’d lost his retainer. Perhaps he was sad because we were so disappointed in him and he lives to please us.  I’m doubtful, though.

Now we’ve got to get more impressions made at the dentist and another retainer made based on those new impressions.  It’ll take a couple of weeks for all of it to come together.  And a bunch more money, I’m sure. I’m so irritated by all of this.  So very irritated.  I fully recognize that this is one of those mommy moments and that, in the grand scheme of all things that are important, it’s not that important.   We’ll probably chuckle about it some day.  I also recognize that he’s 7 and it’s a lot to ask a 7 year old to keep track of a very expensive plastic dental appliance.  But still.  It makes my blood boil just the same. I’m a long way from chuckling.

When we get the next one, I’m figuring out a way to physically attach it to him at all times.  A retainer necklace?  I swear.  Just watch me.

Confession: Shake It Off

OK, it’s been awhile since I made a confession to you all.  And, guys, this is a doozy.  A big ole’ doozy.  I’m so very, very embarrassed.

You ready?

Ok, here goes.

I am absolutely 100% obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song, Shake It Off.

There I said it.

Seriously, I can’t stop listening to it.  And singing it.  And dancing around to it.  These days, it’s my personal soundtrack.  Over and over and over and over.  And I still can’t get enough.

Is it just me?  Please tell me that there are at least a few other 37 year old women out there who are digging this song as much as I am.  No?  Have I completely lost it?

It’s alright.  I’ll just shake it off.  (Oh, yes, I did.)


Fixer Upper

Have you guys seen Fixer Upper on HGTV?

It’s pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now.  I love it.

They take super cheap homes in Waco, TX, and convert them into masterpieces with hardly any money. Their design style is fantastic – simple, farmhouse-inspired, airy.  I’m in love and want to rip everything out of my house and start over.

I won’t, though.  My husband would kill me.

Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out yet and you have even the most minor interest ever in interior decorating or design, you should.  I mean, glance at a few shots below that I pulled off this here Internet from the show.  When you discover what they started with and how little money they used to make these changes, you’ll literally die.

The exterior of the house in the first picture makes me drool.  That’s basically my dream house right there, right down to the porches and the gray color and everything.  It’s gorgeous.